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Epibright Intimate Area Bleaching Cream Review – Does It Lighten Private Parts Safely?

Epibright Intimate Area Bleaching Cream Review – An End To Your Search For Effective Intimate Lightening Cream

epibright intimateIs Epibright Intimate lightening cream any good? Bleaching private parts is a hot trend these days. A couple of decades before, most women would have never thought of bleaching their dark anus or vagina or nipples. The men wouldn’t have even dreamt of bleaching their scrotum and penile area.

However, today more and more men and women want to have their intimate parts bleached. If you are one of them, this Epibright Intimate area bleaching cream review will be of great help to you.

What is Epibright Intimate?

As the name suggests, it is an intimate area bleaching cream. It is the perfect answer to people who keep on wondering how to lighten your private parts safely. It is a safe and natural product to lighten all intimate parts including vagina, anus, nipples, scrotum, underarms and penis etc. Are you not sure if Epibright Intimate is worth a try? Go ahead and read this Epibright Intimate area bleaching cream review.

Bleaching of intimate areas – Why?

make it whiter and keep it tight down thereSome women and some men feel that dark and uneven skin tones in their private parts look ugly when they wear a revealing swim suit. They want to bleach their private parts because they don’t want to feel embarrassed when they wear their bikini.

Some men and women want to bleach their private parts to make their boyfriends and girl friends happy. Some are self conscious of their dark vagina or anus or scrotum when they have sex. They want to get rid of their self consciousness and enjoy sex.

Whatever, the reason be, you should remember that it is risky to bleach your private parts. Unwanted side effects can be dangerous. You should be very careful in selecting the right skin lightening cream to whiten private parts naturally. Is Epibright Intimate the right one? Will it put an end to your search for the right product to lighten private body parts safely?

How does Epibright Intimate work?

What is the science behind the working of Epibright Intimate skin whitener?

  • Regulating the production of melanin in the private areas will lead to whitening of skin.
  • Ingredients like kojic acid and alpha arbutin help in regulating the production of melanin.
  • Natural elements help in safe whitening of skin. When natural whiteners like berry extracts are added your skin will be bleached effectively.
  • Adding natural moisturizing and soothing ingredients like licorice extracts will avoid the risks of side effects and burning sensation.

How do the ingredients in Epibright Intimate work to whiten private parts naturally?

The working of all ingredients is analyzed in this Epibright Intimate area bleaching cream review.

  1. Kojic acid – it is a fungal extract that works as effective as hydroquinone for skin lightening without the associated side effects. Kojic acid is a friendly acid and is the best choice for sensitive skin. How does kojic acid work? It reduces the functions of melanocytes in your cells. Decreased melanocytes function = Decrease in melanin in your skin = Decrease in dark spots in your skin.

Studies conclude that it can be used for the entire body including private parts.

  1. Alpha arbutin – it is a natural skin bleaching agent. How does alpha arbutin work? It works by stimulating the hydrolysis process. Hydrolysis process helps in releasing hydroquinone When hydroquinone is slowly released it blocks the activity of tyrosinase that leads to decrease in the production of melanin.

Release of hydroquinone through hydrolysis = Decrease in the activity of tyrosinase = Decrease in the production of melanin = Decrease in unevenness in skin tone

  1. Mulberry and bearberry extracts – Mulberry and bearberry extracts are natural substances with skin whitening Bearberry rose to popularity only a few years back after it was featured in Dr.OZ’s show. How does bearberry work? The leaves of bearberry contain arbutin. Arbutin inactivates the enzyme tyrosinase that is responsible for melanin production. Mulberry extract is also a natural inhibitor of tyrosinase. It also works like bearberry extract.
  2. Melissa officinalis – Your skin in your private parts are more sensitive than the skin in other areas. It is important to handle the sensitive skin with care. Burning and itching in private parts are not only embarrassing but also troublesome. It may cause damages to your skin and may leave scars too. Melissa officinalis is an herb belonging to the mint family. It has cleansing properties and it provides soothing, healing and calming effects to your skin. This ingredient is one of the reasons for the cooling effect provided by Epibright Intimate cream to lighten skin tone in private areas.
  3. Licorice extract – The extract from licorice extract contains glabridin. It decreases the production of melanin which results in skin lightening. It is a natural alternative to hydroquinone that inhibits tyrosinase.

Does Epibright Intimate work? The ingredients in Epibright Intimate area bleaching cream are beneficial to skin. None of them is dangerous to skin. The working of all the main ingredients of Epibright Intimate skin cream is proven through studies and trials. Their working is based on scientific facts. There can be no doubts that Epibright Intimate cream does work.

Is Epibright Intimate safe to use to lighten private parts?

Epibright Intimate lightening cream is formulated with safe ingredients blended in the right proportion. It is safe to use to lighten skin tone in private areas.

Is Epibright Intimate legit?

There are no illegitimate and dangerous ingredients. It is a legit product to lighten intimate parts naturally including vagina, anus, nipples, scrotum, underarms and penis etc.

Where can I get Epibright Intimate skin bleaching creams?

Most people want to know, ‘is Epibright Intimate sold in stores’. The answer is NO. This natural intimate lightening cream product is not sold in any stores including Wal-Mart and others. It is sold in the official website and online shopping sites. You can buy it from the official site easily. It is delivered to countries including UK, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Canada and Australia etc. apart from the USA. The product is sold at the lowest price with money back offer in the official site. It is the best source for buying.

Epibright Intimate area bleaching cream review – The final thoughts

It is a good skin care product with promises to bleach your intimate skin without any side effects. There are many satisfied customers who have been benefited by the product. If you want to be one among them, place your order now.

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Epibright Intimate area bleaching cream review

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