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How to Reduce Puffy Eyes

Best Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Puffiness and How to Reduce Puffy Eyes

Why do you get dark circles under your eyes and what are the recommended best eye bags cream and remedies to get rid of dark shadows under my eyes faster at home? Have you tried Revitol eye cream before? We suggest and highly recommend Revitol cream for removing bags under eyes easily. It works and does yield fast results according to tons of positive reviews on Revitol under eye dark circle treatment cream effectiveness online.

Quick Relief for Eye Puffiness and Dark Circles Remedy

Are you tired of seeing your self with such eye bags? It seems like your eyes have been carrying such heavy and large luggage under them. Eye puffiness or periobital puffiness usually occurs during early mornings. But why do I have dark circles under my eyes? This may be caused by a gravitational factor and fluid retention that tend to disappear after rising from bed as fluids are reabsorbed by the body. These also reflect the activities that you have had like drinking lots of fluids at bedtime, eating foods rich in sodium, crying, having an activity that requires much head bending like gardening, and by over sleeping or depriving yourself of sleep as well.

How to Reduce Puffy Eyes At Home Video Guide and Tips

What Causes Puffy Eyes In Adults?

Other medical conditions that maybe associated with eye puffiness are pregnancy, kidney related diseases, allergies, and hypothyroidism. Alcohol and tobacco abuse may also be associated with the puffiness under eyes condition. Aside from these common puffy eyes causes, one usual and inevitable cause of it is aging. As a normal aging process, the skin tissues around the periorbital area tend to become thinner and less elastic. With aging, periorbital tissues and normal fat deposits that support the eyes bulge, causing the lower eye lids to become puffy – droopy eyelid.

For dark patches under eyes treatment, a lower eyelid blepharoplasty may be done to correct your eye puffiness. This is performed by doing an incision under the eyelashes or at times, on the inside of the lower eyelid. It aims to remove the excess fats to reduce the aesthetically unpleasing fullness of the area. Excess skin may also be removed if the incision is to be done externally, reducing lower eye wrinkles as well. But if you are not a fan of cosmetic surgeries, there are still possible ways by which you can reduce your eye bags.

Puffiness Under Eyes Home Remedies

At home, you can choose from a variety of home remedies to reduce puffy eyes. You can start by having a cold splash of water over your face to constrict vessels. Focus on the periorbital area by having a cold compress for 10-15 minutes. The classic therapy of placing cooled slices of cucumbers or potatoes for 10-15 minutes is also said to be effective. At times, chilled tablespoons are used instead. Apart from cucumber and potatoes, can you use tea bags to reduce puffy eyes? Cooled used tea bags are also considered as alternatives.

Are these the only home remedies to remove bags from under your eyes? No there are other puppy eyes home remedies you can try to make your droopy eye go away. Also, you can mix a few drops of Vitamin E oil to a bowl of chilled water. Cotton pads are then dipped to the mixture and are placed over the area for 20 minutes. One must also avoid drinking too much water hours before sleeping. Maintenance of low sodium diet is also advised. Then, getting ample hours of sleep is also essential as it can also aid in repairing tissues. Are you looking for tips on how to fix bags under eyes faster at home? All these puffy eye remedies are said to be effective as emergency aids or quick fixes for puffy eyes problem. But these aren’t total solutions for puffiness and dark circles around your eyes.

What is the Best Treatment for Bags Under Eyes Aside from Surgery?

Fortunately, there are now available skin products that can instantly reduce and eliminate eye puffiness in an instant. One of them is Revitol eye cream. Revitol is a good cream to remove dark circles and puffy eyes that really work. With this wide array of cosmetic choices, everything can really be possible. Most of these creams and eye serum for dark circles removal products are usually costly since they are clinically researched, tested and approved. Availing one will truly be a great investment as it can turn you to a younger looking you. So grab one now if you can afford it! And get rid of your eye puffiness in an instant!

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