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Dark Eye Circles Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Natural Do-It-Yourself Remedies for Under Eye Puffiness – Why do I have dark circles under my eyes and what causes dark under eye circles in adults? Under eye puffiness results from the build up and retention of fluid in the muscles that surround the eye area. A lot of factors can cause under eye puffiness and dark circles around your eyes and it is important to determine which among these are applicable to your puffy eye situation. Some causes of swelling under eyes in adults may be natural and you don’t need to worry as much as these will also disappear once the natural causes also fade way.

Pregnant women are more prone to eye puffiness because pregnancy causes fluid-retention. Another reason for under eye puffiness and darkness around eyes can also be due to hormonal fluctuations that result from a woman’s menstrual cycle. Aside from these, allergies also result to eye puffiness because of its effect on the veins around the eyes which then causes the area around the eyes to swell. A condition called dermatitis also results to eye puffiness because the sensitivity of the skin that results from this makes it more susceptible to swelling once it has been exposed to substances that can begin the irritation.

Eye puffiness may also be the symptom of a deeper infection or as a side effect of a certain medication that an individual may be taking. It is important to consult with your doctor on what may be the reason in order to be sure that the puffiness around your eyes is not something that is caused by a more serious medical condition.

For other cases, eye puffiness can be treated right at home by yourself. You do not need to go to a dermatologist or surgeon to have cosmetic surgery or expensive treatments done in order to get rid of your under eye puffiness.

What Home Remedy is Good for Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

This home remedies for dark circles under the eyes article will give some do-it-yourself remedies to reducing the swelling of your puffy eyes at home.

Home remedies for dark eye circles tea bags – will it for me?

The first comes in the form of tea bags. Taking caffeinated drinks orally is not a good idea if you want to reduce eye puffiness as this can disrupt your sleeping pattern instead and worsen the swelling of your eyes. However, applied topically to your eyes in the form of teabags, it is quite an effective agent to reducing the swelling. Teas such as green tea, black tea or other herbal teas such as chamomile teas make good and natural remedies to tired and puffy eyes. All you need do is boil them in water for 3-5 minutes then allow them to cool.

Carefully cover the tea bags with cloth or tissue and place them over your closed eyes. Leave this on for 5-15 minutes and you’ll start to feel the relaxing and soothing effect that it has on your eyes. What’s even better about using tea bags to get rid of dark circles under your eyes too is that the tea actually contains natural ingredients that can reduce swelling and even soften skin and even out pores once applied topically on the face. One of these ingredients which smoothens skin is called tannins. So there you have it for home remedies for dark eye circles tea bags you can try out at home yourself.

Using cucumber therapy as a remedy to get rid of dark eye circles at home

Another do-it-yourself remedy to eye puffiness and dark circles around your eyes is one that has been used for centuries by the ancient people. This is the until-now very popular cucumber therapy which uses cucumber slices because of their soothing, relaxing cooling effect on skin. You will need two thin disc-shaped slices of cucumber, then you just placed them into a bowl of cool water, let them drip for a while, then place them on top of your closed eyes and lay back for fifteen minutes. Cucumbers also contain natural ingredients that can act as astringents on skin and cools irritation and inflammations on skin. So that’s another tip on how to use cucumbers as a home remedy eye bags and dark circles removal option.

This third remedy among the lists of home remedies for eye wrinkles and dark circles around the eye area is one that is not as common as those before it- potatoes. These contain citric acid and phosphoric acid and can be used to treat redness and inflammation.

To use potatoes as a home remedy for eye bags and dark circles removal, what you must do is to take a fresh raw tomato, peel it and grate and pound it carefully into a poultice. Wrap the results by a clean cloth and place them over your closed eyes while you lay back for 15 minutes. However, since they do not have astringent properties, potatoes cannot help in the reduction of swelling.

Home Remedies for Eye Wrinkles and Dark Circle Removal Do They Work?

Have a look at this video here to see how this lady combines home remedies for natural looking skin together with other cosmetic products you can buy from drug stores and from your favourite health and beauty products retail shop to maintain your skin.

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The best recommended and effective dark eye circles home remedies that work

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